What to Expect

Parking: Feel free to park anywhere! However, we do have reserved parking spots available for our guests.


Arrival: Once you walk in a greeter will be on hand to welcome you and assist you with any questions you may have (childcare, auditorium, restrooms, etc.)


Childcare: At FHC we put great interest into your children.  We provide a fun and safe environment for your children with quality teachers who are background checked. They are taught lessons from the Bible and have a time of worship.


Service Itinerary: Here is a look at a typical Sunday at FHC. Keep in mind though that we strive to be led by the Holy Spirit each service and therefore plans may change.


Intro and first song



Praise and worship


Closing remarks and prayer


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We’re so glad you are here

Please text the word, “New” in your message section on your cell phone to the phone number 970-436-4493. You will receive a short reply and some valuable information about Faith Heights Church and What to Expect. 


Childcare provided – Sunday & Wednesday services