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My husband and I were watching the lifestream this morning. My back was really hurting and I just couldn't spend two hours in the car plus two hours sitting in church. I was standing while watching, as I usually do, and twisting my body from side to side, but it was painful. I was so excited that you did communion and we decided to join you. After we finished communion I decided to check and see if I had been healed according to the teachings we received through Pastor John. Sure enough my waist and back no longer hurt when I twisted! Hallelujah! My husband's big toe, which had been hurting for a few days from an old injury, stopped hurting too! It had been hurting so much that he couldn't even put on his shoes and could barely walk. Praise God! It's proof that God's healing power is everywhere and He honors our faith to believe in it! Thank you for believing and teaching the truth of God's Word. 


Several weeks ago I had injured my back and was having a lot of symptoms. None of which were in anyway mild. For 48 hours I couldn't walk or do anything by myself. The spasms and pain were so intense it was paralyzing. The right side of my body was in such spasm my right hip was several inches higher than my left. I had pain radiating down my legs all the way into my heels and into my abdomen. I went to a doctor and said I had a bulged disc in my back. I continued in pain for 3 weeks. The doctor told me he wasn't sure what more he could do. The next step would be to meet with a surgeon. I came to the healing service expecting to receive. When Pastor laid hands on me I felt the anointing come into my body, but my symptoms didn't go away. I continued to claim my healing and believed it was coming. I woke up the next morning in pain and was deciding how to get out of bed when I heard God say, "Healed people don't worry about how they're going to get out of bed, they just get out of bed and get on with their day." I got up and starting walking around the house and the spasms were gone. my hips were level and I had renewed energy. That day I was able to do everything I was able to do prior to the injury. I spent the next hour praying and God spoke to me again. He said, "I didn't save you from 4 car accidents that SHOULD have taken your life, for you to allow the devil to hold these symptoms over you the rest of your life." WOW! It was a good reprimanding from my Father who loves me so much. God uncovered what the devil had been holding over me for years. I was so thankful to be alive I tolerated the pain as if it was okay. That was a big oops on my part. Thank you Pastor John and Carla for standing with me as always.  

Over the past 18 months I have suffered over 13 mini strokes, two heart dusruptions, 24 pulmonary embolisms in my lungs and two blood clots from my ankles to my groin in both legs. The Dr. says it is stress induced lupus anticoagulant syndrome. An auto immune disease. My body believes it has been injured and my blood turns to glue. I'm a single dad with two children with my own business and I was terrified I would not be around to raise my children. The Dr. had me scheduled to remove both femoral arteries from my legs. Dangers of which, could enough blood be returned to my heart without them. I've been so scared. I have lived, worked and played always thinking I could die at any moment in front of my own children. I went to service last night desperte but in faith. Just during the music I couldn't stop smiling. Almost started to laugh. Then about 8:30pm I had to excuse myself and go to the restroom. I threw up the most awful substance I'd ever seen. Once the sick feeling quit, the spirit told me to go home and be with my kids. I wasn't scared. My blood clots were so solid you could feel and see them from the outside of my skin and my legs where bigger than usual. I woke up today, prasie God. A good and merciful God He is. Both legs were the normal size and I couldn't feel my veins anymore. I claim this healing, I do. Now today I believe I will not die and I played frisbee at the park with my kids never worrying about the next moment. I love Jesus! I'm blessed! I can't thank you enough for bringing the greatest caregiver ever to our church last night and inviting me to it. The devil didn't win and Jesus has things for me to get to.  

As Christmas was approaching last month, I was looking forward to a cruise for the holiday, which had been planned for a year in advance. Little did I know that I would be experiencing not one but two situations, which would test the depth of my faith. The first experience would be testing my faith in God’s protection and provision for my trip, and the second one would be believing in God’s healing power from an attack by the enemy on my health. Early in the morning on the day before the cruise, preparations (including prayer time for traveling mercies) were completed and a flight to Miami was scheduled at 7 a.m. The taxi arrived late at the house but in plenty of time to get us to the airport in Grand Junction, go through baggage check, and security. Upon arriving upstairs for the carry-on check with security, I realized that I had left my prescriptions at home. I pulled everything out of my carry- on, hoping to find the plastic bag, as the security officials realized that I had a dilemma. At that point, I told the friend traveling with me that I needed to get back to the house to find it, but how? Only through God’s help could I get home and back to the airport before the plane would be leaving. I had heard Pastor John tell us many times, that it is not just in the moment when we should pray to God, but it is our preparation before an emergency which really gets us through a situation. I heard the Holy Spirit speak to me at that moment through God’s word in Proverbs 3:5-6 that I should trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding. As I approached the outside entrance, I knew from Romans 10:17 that I had been building my faith and had put on God’s armor that morning during my prayer time for protection. I was ready to find a ride! I thought that I might find a taxi outside, but there was no taxi. Now what? I looked at the vehicles dropping people off and noticed a new, shiny truck with a young man in the driver’s seat. God audibly said “that one--the truck.” Before I could knock on the window, he had opened it. I told him that I was desperate and needed to get to my home for my medicines and back to the airport before my flight left. He kept reassuring me that he’d get me back okay. He had such a calming personality while talking to me. He went through some yellow lights, waited outside the house while I got the bag of prescriptions, and then we headed back to the airport. I just kept thanking God mentally knowing that I would be on my way to Dallas/Ft. Worth and Miami as planned. When I got to the security area, the officials there said “Welcome back, glad you made it”, but I just kept thinking about the young man, Eric who was there for me when I so desperately needed help. I can still hear Eric say as I offered to pay him for his assistance, “I would be offended if you tried to give me any money. God placed me here to help you today, and I did what He wanted me to do.” Hallelujah! It was God’s grace through faith that put me on that plane. As you know by now, God intervened in a difficult situation, but I was on my way to Miami and the cruise ship. During the flight, I was rejoicing in what God had done and yet kept hearing in my spirit, “be prepared, be prepared”. After arriving in Miami and having a delicious dinner of fresh caught fish at the hotel restaurant, I proceeded to complete a new health declaration form for the cruise line indicating that I had not been in Africa, nor had any contact with an Ebola patient. I also had to indicate that I had no diarrhea or vomiting for the last 3 days. I quickly completed the form and went to bed. At midnight, I awoke very sick and doing exactly what I had indicated on the declaration form that I hadn’t done. I continued with the symptoms for 9 hours. The same traveling friend who had to wait at the airport in Grand Junction got a taxi at the hotel at 3 am and found a 24 hr. Walgreens. As the driver waited for her, she grabbed electrolyte juice bottles, some water, and Imodium tablets. She and I had been praying together during the night resisting the devil so he would flee from me, but while she was gone, I got louder and louder rebuking the enemy and his attack. I used scripture verses which I had previously memorized and entrusted to my heart. Again preparation was needed to do this. I was angry at the devil, and I didn’t care if the people in the adjoining room heard me. After knowing that I wasn’t going to be dehydrated, I laid on the couch in the room, because my bed was too far from the bathroom and repeated over and over “I am healed”. A sense of peace covered me spiritually. Yet, I still didn’t know if I would be allowed on the ship. I waited until 9 am there and 7 am in Grand Junction to call a couple who have been my good friends and spiritual mentors at FHC since joining the church in 2010. That was also when I started going to healing school, which I have attended for 5 years. While talking to them and having them pray with me and for me regarding a miraculous healing, it occurred that I could answer the Holy Spirit when He said “be prepared.” Yes, I was prepared because of what I have learned at FHC and through about 240 lessons in healing school. I knew that I was healed by Jesus’ stripes and declared those affirming scriptures after I finished talking to my friends. It was miraculous what happened within an hour after that call. I was healed! No more vomiting or diarrhea. It just stopped. I had made the necessary connection to other believers which Pastor John just mentioned two weeks ago in healing school, and their intercessory prayer reinforced my prayer request to receive the healing that the Lord could provide. I was healed, but that didn’t change the declaration form which I had to correct and indicate my illness a few hours prior to the embarkation. Since I had been sick, it was necessary to be interviewed by the medical staff of the ship. I told them that I had been healed of any symptoms by God 5 hours earlier. It was going to be their decision whether I was allowed to board the ship. Since I had no fever and had been able to stand in line with 80 degree temperature without needing a restroom, I was handed my sign and sail card and allowed to walk the ramp toward the ship. It was a victorious day for God, and I continue to give Him the glory for a trip of healing and wonderful memories during the Christmas cruise.  


I wanted to share with you an amazing thing the Lord did for me. As you know I have a shady background, I was actually convicted of 3 felonies. When I was in Women's Recovery Center, I lost 2 jobs because of my background, one had hired me on temporarily and then wanted to hire me on full time but they couldn't hire me due to my background check and the other had changes during my employment and had to lay me off because of my background. The first time I ever attended Week of Glory (2009 or 2010) Jesse Duplantis was there and he prophesied that there were a couple people in the audience that had a criminal background and that God was going to clear it because of the things that He has for them to do. I was new and didn't know very much about confessing and taking things by faith, but I knew that I wanted that. When I moved into my townhouse over two years ago I told the landlord my background and he ran a background check on me in 2 different states and said that he couldn't find anything on me. Then I just had a background check ran for a job last week and the HR Director called me back and said that my background check came back "squeaky clean" and I asked him you didn't have anything come up on me and he said no and he also ran it for Colorado and another state. The first time I was excited but thought maybe the type of check that was ran wasn't very in depth but the one that the company ran last week for that company takes up to 5 days and now my background has been checked in 3 different states and there is nothing on me! Praise God!!! This is so amazing and exciting. I wanted to share with you because it happened at FHC and what a blessing. Thank you for everything that you and all the leader's do at Faith Heights.  


As a teenager tithing wasn't on my priority list. After I heard a story about a little boy giving with the little he had I immediately started tithing because I knew it was the right thing to do! It was no longer about the money, but it was about being faithful and pleasing God. When my husband got saved he too wanted to tithe from his income. We both wanted to own a home (free and clear) and be 100% debt free so we could continue to be givers and have the ability to give more. Well 5 weeks ago we received a huge blessing through family members. They told us that they wanted to buy us a house. They told us how God had blessed them and they wanted to bless us. We immediatly gave glory to God and reminded ourselves to never put God in a box.  

When I became a member of FHC 8 years ago I was homless, living at a shelter. I had no money and no job. The first tithe I ever gave was purchasing $30.00 worth of snacks for the Children's Church with my food stamp card. Last week I was able to give the largest offering from any paycheck I had received. The joy of the Lord filled me as I made myself ready for giving my first fruits. Thank you Lord for your increase in my life! 2012 I have struggled with, been defined by, fought against, and been crushed by depression and anxiety for 18 years. After hearing a sermon at FHC I was instantly and completely healed of this illness. Pastor John taught about this very thing in January. God healed me! Thank you Pastor John for boldly teaching God's healing word.  

My daughter, grandkids, and myself where leaving a resturant and as i was putting my grandbaby in the car seat my 13 year old grand daughter started the car. She thought she had put the car in neutral, forgot to put the emergency brake on, and turned the key. The car jerked forward and it caught both my feet under the back tire. I was standing like a statue and couldn't move. I did not panic as my daughter jumped in the car to move it backwards. I did not feel any pain just the weight of the car. She backed the car and my feet were free. There was no damage, just tire marks from going arcoss my feet. I thank God for his protection and the miralce that took place!  

A coupleof months ago I had to go in for some tests because I was having discomfort in my stomach, but I was prayed for here at Faith Heights Church and praise God all the tests came back normal. The doctor told me I might have some symptoms come back. Whe they tried to come back I rebuked them and I claimed healing over my body. It's been about a month and I have not had any pain or discomfort since. Thank you Jesus!  


Due to years of exposure to the sun on my fair skin, dark spost appeared on my left cheeck. Over time the grew to the size of a half dollar and the color had darkened. My doctor said there was no way to remove the spots, nothing could be done. I recalled a teaching when Pastor John mentioned the story of Norvelle Hayes's daughter. The Lord asked him how long he was going to put up with it. I believe that way my message. Every morning when I looked in the mirror I told that spot it was getting smaller and lighter.I confessed it was dissapering, never to return in the name of Jesus. It is completley gone. Even though my doctor said there was no cure. I knew faith in Jesus was the cure! He moves mountains if you only believe.  

Over the last 8 months satan has really tried to attack my life and mind. One night before my first day at a new job I was unable to fall asleep, thinking it was probubly nerves I dissmissed it. However, the next few nights I found myself struggling to fall asleep. I went to the doctor and he prescibed sleep medication that gave me temporary fix, but shortly after I was having sleepless nights again. Because of the lack of sleep and side affects of the medicine I was having extream mood swings. My mind felt like it wasn't my own, I was depressed and very anxious. After several prayers and listening to pastors sermons I recieved a revalation. Pastor was preaching on The Power of The Tounge, I had never recieved this information the way I began to recieve it this time. Mathew 18:18 "Truly I say to you, whatever you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatever you loose on earth shall be losed in heaven." I realized the power of our words and how they can turn our lives around. Having a fresh revalation of the word, I began to talk as if my prayers were already answered. I spoke to the things that were unseen in order to change the things that were seen. This caused a quick turn around, Outword circumstances began to line up with the words I was speaking. I felt joy filling up in me; I felt a sense of peace knowing that everything was going to be better. After only a few days I was suddenly happy, energetic, and feeling like I had not felt in many months. I was falling asleep on my own, I was able to take naps durring the day, I woke up feeling refreshed and excited for each day. I thank God that there is a great church where God's word comes through in its purest form.

My sister visited and was at the church when healing for the feet was offered. She didn't go forward but received her healing as Pasotr prayed. She had a wart on her big toe which caused pain when she walked. She called this morning the wort was gone! Glory to God!!!  

Over a period of four years I delt with extream anxiety, I couldn't sleep. I alowed fear to overtake me. I was convinced I had something physically wrong , my docor perscibed Paxil and Ambien for sleep. It was days before my mind quieted down and could sleep, but the effects from the medication left me groggy and wierd. I finally broke down and cried out to God, asking Him to help me through this and help me to become stronger. I lowered the dose of my medications which helped me with the side effects however I wasn't able to sleep through the night. I began to read my bible until I would fall asleep the Lord filled me with peace. I finally quite the medication and kept in the word. After a few months without medication and relying on the word of God I was able to kick my anxiety and began to live a normal life again. I now have confidance of who I am in Christ and have been growing stronger ever since.  

God truly is in the restoration buisness! My sister-in-law and I had problems getting along when she and my brother divorced I was releaved to not have her in my life, I know the feeling was mutual. Recently we were brought back together. I decided to do the right thing as a Chritstian and put things aside we are now great friends. She recently came to church with us, God is Good!  

It gives me great joy to be able to confidently say that God has delievered me of depression. In retrospect, I realize that I was dealing with a form of depression since High School and it progressively got worse. Incorrect ways of thinking led to an overall negative mindset towards life, thus I became a bitter and overly critical, fault-finding person. After wrestling with life in this mindset for many years, I began having daily bouts with tension headaches by the time I was 23 and was unable to fall asleep quickly. Out of depression, I would resort to drungs and alcohol to help mitigate stress and sleeping pills to help me fall asleep. My healing was not overnight, but occurred over the course of about 6-8 months as my mind was renewed in several areas. As my soul prospered, my physical symptoms started to dissipate. Now, I'm 33 and have been off anti-depressants, drugs, alcohol, and sleeping pills for a solid year. My tension headaches are absent. The more truth we know, the more we will be set free.  


After reading a book by Kenneth Hagin I realized one of the main steps to recieving healing is to confess I'm heald and give God the glory. The lesson on "Getting your prayers answered" helped me to understand what I needed to do. I had a terrible pain in my right leg all the way to my ankle, I sought medical help but got no relief. I was unable to stand or walk withour alot of pain. I had an exray and MRI done and they revealed a pinched nerve. June 11, 2008 I recieved an injection to reduce swelling. I didn't feel any better I told the Lord "it didn't help" the Lord said to me "say" in faith "yes, it worked in Jesus's name", and believe. I began to look up scriptures for healing. My faith grew, I started walking at first a short block. I confessed "I'm going to walk without pain." Today Sept 8th, the pain is so light, I can stand for praise. This is only one prayer the Lord has answered. It is my time for total healing. Praise the Lord!  

After more than five months of healing school, I finally "got it." I put everything together that I've heard. This was important foundation for me to develop the desire to be healed from nerve pain in my spine which radiated down my legs. The diagnosis after reviewing my MRI was Stenosis and degenerative disc disease. Last year I recieved epidermal injections. It wasn't until I memorized the scriptures on healing (Math 53:4, 1Peter 2:24) and began to use them against the enemy did I see temporary results. I would come in to Healing School limping and leave without limping. To recieve complete healing I had to focus on God's promises not the pain. Praying in the spirit has deepend my faith. After prayer with pastor and Carla I was on my way to moving from "head" faith to "heart faith". I am no longer going to except symptoms from satan. I have chosen to resist! As Kenneth Hagin said in his book "How to Keep Your Healing"; I must tell the devil he can't put anything on me, I won't except it. I confess James 4:7 resist the devil and he must flee. I have been healed from any pain by the power of God's Holy Spirit. Thank you for helping me on my journey to healing!

I had to share with you all that tonight at the Friday night service, while we were singing the song about "we love you Lord," God straightened my lower back! The more I told Him I loved Him the more it straightened out! I have had back issues for 40 years. And 2 weeks ago Rich prayed over me that I'd be healed of Migraines once and for all. God is healing me!! Praise Jesus!  

In a nut shell- went to Africa on a missions trip in 2000 with Teen Mania, received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when I really didn't even understand much if it before hand. I saw God work such wonders through myself and others: people healed, filled with the spirit, lives restored, and lives changed. It was incredible. And then I went home, and life just fell apart. Now, to wrap up the last 9 years- eating disorders, self injury, drugs, drinking, sleeping around, suicide attempts, dabbling in witch craft and going to palm readers, shoplifting (which landed me a night in jail), fighting with my parents and hurting all those around me. I was a mess- depressed, self destructive, and self hateful to the absolute fullest. Not to mention a strong hateful, angry resentment towards God. This all went on for 9 years. Ugh. Here's the best part. In December my sister dragged me to the same church I once brought her to and the pastor hit on everything I had been doing at that moment and told me that no matter what God forgives and forgets. Immediately I made that choice and just like that all those habits were gone. I haven't thought twice about resorting to any of it, even when my own dad tried and almost succeeded at taking his own life, or when I moved here and left my family and awesome job. God did something that I never could, He showed me His love and by doing so I truly was able to see my worth through His eyes. In one moment He took away 9 years of pain and hurt like it was never even there. I still have the scars to show from it all, but inside He did something that nothing else ever could.  

During the birth of our second boy my wife and I went in for a scheduled C- section. The medical staff administered an epideral, something went wrong, she imediatley began to have shooting pains up and down her legs and back. She was in tremendous pain especially after they had completd the C- section. The medical staff tried to help by giving another pain medicine however they administered the wrong meds her body reacted badly to the pain meds. She was now sick and in pain; crying herself to sleep I prayed to the Lord and stayed in faith for her healing. The next morning the nurse brought in her breakfast, my wife began to laugh. Then I started laughing. We couldn't stop, my wife had to hold a pillow tight over her incision to keep from tearing the staples out. After about 10 minutes she suddenly stopped. She ate her whole breakfast, then got up to walk for half an hour. The pain that kept her awake all night had dissapeard. Her recovery time from the surgery was miraculous. We are so thankful for the word proclaimed in this church and even more thankful for the love of our Father who loves us more than we can understand.  


My wife and I were on the way to a tree trimming job. I had the notion to turn off the radio and pray. Not being sure what to pray for, I began to pray in tongues, my wife joined me. We prayed together for 15 or 20 minutes until we got to the job. I instantley took out the chain saw, filled it with gas and oil, started it and began to cut branches. I forgot, however; to check the chain tension, as I should have before using the saw. I was cutting a limb dirrectly above my head, less than 6 inches from my face. Just before the branch fell, the saw bounced, and the chain popped off the saw. Still in rotaiton, rapidly heading for my face. I didn't have enough time to hit the saw brake, duck or even move. I could only brace myself for impact. As I watched in super slow motion, just before the chain ripped me open, I saw it slam into something like an invisible wall, and fall limp. Realizing my very close brush with an emergency room visit., major re-constructive surgery and possible death. I paused, astonished and amazed. I know my angel had been given divine right to step in and protect me, even from my own mistakes, due to our obedience in praying when prompted.  


During the week of Glory this year I recall the Lord saying He was going to do mighty miracles. Over the past year I had been experiencing trouble breathing at night, I was unable to sleep lying down. One day in May, I tried to mow my lawn and coudn't make it one round without stopping to catch my breath. I thought I had pneumonia. My doctor told me it was my heart, after tests and several heart doctors the conclusion was; a valve in my heart wasn't closing. It caused fluid to build up in my lungs. I know Jesus is always with me so I wasn't afraid. I joked with my doctor, he tried to tell me how serious this was. I told him "Hey, when you have Jeusu in your heart, you don't worry about anything." On August 4th I had open heart surgery. They only had to repair the valve, not replace it. I spent just 5 1/2 days in the hospital. I'm feeling great. I never worried. I knew Jesus would see me through it. My testimony is about life after death. March 29, 2008 I was taken to the hospital, dead on arrival, due to an overdose of prescribed medication. I was revived, however, my family was told that if I survived I would be a vegetable or on life support for the rest of my life. My husband called Pastor John to come pray for me. After his prayer was done, I came out of the coma within the hour. I returned home by the end of the week. After I returned home, I still suffered from depression and fear. I was afraid to even leave the house. Pastor John and Miss Carla came and prayed over me again. As a result of this, I am back at church and am leading a normal life - free from medication for the first time in years. Even though I still struggle from time to time, I know that I am victorious in the Lord. Never give up! Never give in! Miracles really do happen. I thank my church family for all their support and prayers. I was diagnosed by a doctor as having ulcerative colitis. After experiencing intestinal problems for three months and losing weight, the doctor wanted me on medication that had side effects, telling me I would get worse without it. I was not led to take any medicine. I believed God for healing to manifest. I changed my diet by the leading of the Lord and I am whole and completely healed! Praise Jesus! God has blessed my business, even when it looked like everthing was going down. It has blessed me to receive the word of God, and to be a part of the family of God. Because of the teachinf of the Word of God, I have been delievered from a pverty mentality, depression and Prozac. I have been taught how to apply and use the Word. Now I have personal confidence to approach God with any and all my needs and concerns. My vision for every area in my life has grown. The teaching from Faith Heights has litterally saved my life. Praise God! My son had sleep problems since age one. He is three and a half years old now. His average sleep time at night had been five hours with a one hour nap during the day - sometimes. During these times he was grouchy, whiney and had bad moods. The doctor said it was a phase and that he would outgrow it. During a recent service, that I almost did not attend, the Word came forth powerfully from Pastor John. The atmosphere was thick. I even wrote in my notes that my son was healed. When the invitation was given, I got him from his class to respond to the altar call. He had the wiggles, but when the Spirit moved on him he became relaxed and calm. He is totally different now. That afternoon he had a three hour nap and slept nine hours at night. He is happy, easy to get along with, and able to focus. Praise God for His Word. Thanks Faith Heights Church for bringing it forward. I had been in the hospital with pneumonia and when I was sent home, I was told that I had diabetes and also a cancerous spot was found on my lungs. The next Sunday I went forward for prayer and Pastor John prayed for my healing and to be free from fear. All fear left me and I knew in my spirit I was healed. After a couple of weeks I went for another blood test. No trace of diabetes was found. After several x-rays one showed the spot was smaller. When I went in for an MRI all they could find was a small scar where something had been. Praise the Lord. He is my healer. I am grateful for Faith Heights Church where the full gospel is preached under the anointing of the pastor and faith is taught to help us learn to grow in the Lord, claim our healing, and to stand on the Word. A few months ago I asked for prayer for my friend’s nephew. At the time he was diagnosed with a flesh-eating bacteria. Now, not only is the bacteria gone, but he has re-grown his skin and is out of the hospital. It is a true miracle. The doctors who, at first, said he wouldn’t make it, and if he did he would lose his arm are shocked that not only is he alive, but he still has his arm and skin. I had terrible pain in my right hip and down my right leg all the way to the ankle. I sought medical help after chiropractic did not help. The pain got worse. I could not stand or walk without a lot of pain. Standing in one place was unbearable. I considered giving up my place on the Helps team. I went to my primary care doctor and after an x-ray and an MRI, it was revealed I had a pinched nerve. In June I had an injection to reduce the swelling. At first, it didn’t seem to help. I told the Lord it didn’t work. But, He told me to say in faith, yes, it worked in Jesus’ name, and I believe it was healed. I prayed using the knowledge I had learned on Wednesday evenings, looked up healing verses, repeated them and my faith grew. With my faith in action, I started walking. At first, I could go only a short block. I said daily, “I am going to walk without pain”. Today, the pain is so slight. I can even stand for song service.