upcoming events

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  • Flourish Christmas Party

    Ladies! Let's get together and celebrate! We are gonna be having a Christmas sock exchange, food, and great fellowship.

    December 5th at 6:30pm

  • Gift Wrapping

    This is an event open to the whole community so invite your friends and family to come. We will be wrapping Christmas presents, so bring whatever presents you have and we will wrap them up real nice for you(:

    December 14th from 9am-2pm.

  • Kid's christmas play

    The kids will be putting on an awesome play for us, we're so excited to see it! What a great time to invite your friends and family.

    December 15th at 10am

  • Christmas eve service

    We will be taking time to honor and remember the birth of our precious Lord Jesus. This is a great service to invite new people to come and enjoy a Christmas experience with the FHC family!

    December 24th

  • Worship Night

    This ENTIRE service will be dedicated to worship. We will sing praises to the Lord, and just dwell in His presence the whole time. Such a great time to magnify our good Father and take some time to minister to Him.

    January 1st