connection groups

The purpose of our connection groups at Faith Heights is to provide fellowship and a connection to people of like interests.

  • Next grill date is 6/9/18 Noon to 4:00 ish

    Rod Kemp's home, 2953 Beechwood St GJ 81506

    Hey gents we are meeting the 2nd Saturday of June ( like normal ) at Rod Kemp's home.  Bring some meat to share, a side dish would be good too, don't shy away from some veggies.  Bring a chair a friend, and your sons & , grandsons. 

    The coordinator is Anthony Polito 970-901-6966

  • Craft N Chat

    This is a group of Crafty Chatters, or Chatty Crafters, which ever one you are, come join us. Let's make some fun stuff, and get to know one another.  Coordinator Sarah Austin 970-201-0435

  • We meet every Thursday evening  at CMU 7PM

      Come join us, one and all, love on the students.

    Faith Life on Campus is a club that meets on the CMU Campus every Thursday in room #222  in the University Center. We would love for the students to meet some young adults from FHC, all are welcome not just CMU students.  Coordinator Rich Rounds 970-433-1157

  • Breakfast Bunch this group meet 9:30AM the last Saturday of the month at  Golden Corral

    Glen & Marianne Merryman 970-216-8600

    Lloyd & Marka Wagoner 719-660-5908

    Anthony & Bev Polito 970-964-8257


  • Hiking / Outdoor Activities  ||  Contact Andrea to be updated on hike plans or check the wall.

    A group for people who like the outdoors and like to get out in it. 

    Contact Andrea Martinez to be added a contact list for upcoming  hikes.