connection groups

The purpose of our connection groups at Faith Heights is to provide fellowship and a connection to people of like interests.

  • Next grill date is 8/11/18 Noon to 4:00 ish

    1690 Arroyo Ct Mack ( Kern Kompound ) google it

    Hey gents we are meeting the 2nd Saturday of August  at " Kern Kompound" 1690 ArroyoCt Mack Co   We want you guys to bring your families to this one, bring swim wear, meat, and side dish to share.

    The coordinator is Anthony Polito 970-901-6966

  • Craft N Chat

    This is a group of Crafty Chatters, or Chatty Crafters, which ever one you are, come join us. Let's make some fun stuff, and get to know one another.  Coordinator Sarah Austin 970-201-0435

  • We meet every Thursday evening  at CMU 7PM

      Come join us, one and all, love on the students.

    Faith Life on Campus is a club that meets on the CMU Campus every Thursday in room #222  in the University Center. We would love for the students to meet some young adults from FHC, all are welcome not just CMU students.  Coordinator Rich Rounds 970-433-1157

  • Breakfast Bunch this group meet 9:30AM the last Saturday of the month at  Golden Corral

    Glen & Marianne Merryman 970-216-8600

    Lloyd & Marka Wagoner 719-660-5908

    Anthony & Bev Polito 970-964-8257


  • Hiking / Outdoor Activities  ||  Contact Andrea to be updated on hike plans or check the wall.

    A group for people who like the outdoors and like to get out in it. 

    Contact Andrea Martinez to be added a contact list for upcoming  hikes.